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Relying on Heaven to Slaughter Dragons

  • DynamicDuo THAMA SOLE 许成炫 
  • 李洪基 


  • 真人秀 日韩综艺 



  • 2021 

Egil Olsen的《Playlist》 歌词

歌曲名:Playlist歌手:Egil Olsen专辑:I Am A Singer/Songwriterplaylist-egil olsenone day you will wake up a and thinkwhat the hell is goin on where the fuck did i go wrongyou’re gonna go see a shrinkcry and bable on about the meaning of your songsnobody ever got to listenthe radio didn’t wanna playlist themthey might as well not have existedi don’t understand what i been missinyou’ve always worked hardinsisted to try without the handbook or a guideoh no I didn’t get you farnow all you do is write new hits and hide themso nobody else can get a listenyou don’t need the radio to playlist themto me they have always existedyou got to understand there’s absolutely nothing you been missin

快播怎么弄好看电影啊 找不到Playlist文件

Playlist文件藏在隐藏文件中。设置方法: 1.先点击组织-文件夹和搜索选项;2.弹出的选项框选择“查看”,在“显示隐藏的文件,文件夹和驱动器”前面打勾再按确定;3.然后打开C盘,多出一个ProgramData文件夹;4.进入ProgramData文件夹就会发现有个QvodPlayer的文件夹,点开就可以找到Playlist文件了。